"Ventricle" Root Art (Tree root Art) Sculpture By Artist Rene Sepulveda Huge 6' by 8'
"Ventricle" Root Art (Tree root Art) Sculpture By Artist Rene Sepulveda Huge 6' by 8'

"Ventricle" Root Art (Tree root Art) Sculpture By Artist Rene Sepulveda Huge 6' by 8'

Artist Rene Sepulveda
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An amazing large (9 foot by 6 foot in size) root art installation titled "Ventricle" By Artist Rene Sepulveda.

This is a perfect selection for the art collector that has everything. Inspired by his Native American roots and an appreciation for root artists world wide such as the renowned works of Henrique Oliveria. Southwestern Artist Rene Sepulveda procures his roots from the depths of the Lincoln National Forest and then relies on his inspiration from athletics and his masters in Epidemiology to ignite his passions for color, texture and an appreciation of the science then expresses himself using the beauty of nature as his canvas.

"Ventricle" is a one of a kind piece. When purchased, the artist will install on location anywhere in the continental US, to ensure proper accent lighting and care for this significant museum worthy piece.

Ideal for the art collector that has everything, a business wanting to make a statement or a museum or gallery piece.

Root art (treeroot art) by Fitness Coach & Southwestern Artist, Rene Sepulveda reaches both above and below ground as a medium that is deep in engaging the emotional senses of the admirer. The medium of roots pleases an inner human emotion that symbolizes our personal growth. 

Tree Root Art ROOTART helps to convey themes of security and stability, symbolizing the need to stay grounded so we remain safe. That feeling is even more needed and is tapped into even more so in this post Covid world we are coming out of. This piece is a tribute to that triumph to survive and to the stability of science and its interconnectedness to our inner being or the soul of humanity. 

What is the origin of Root Art?

The root of a plant, of course, is the part that usually grows underground, secures the plant in place, absorbs minerals and water, and stores food manufactured by leaves and other plant parts. Roots grow in a root system and as such can be seen as reaching, thus inspiring and artistic in design.

Native American artist, Tibetan artist and few others believe in the essence of the root system, the beauty, and the symbolism  to the complexities of personal growth and being grounded to craft works of natural beauty. 

Thus ROOT ART is the combination of the wood from the natural root system combined with a skilled artists ability to combine color, texture and designs into a masterpiece that is eye catching and alludes to the grace of nature.  

Fitness Coach & Artist; Rene Sepulveda has developed a method of selecting interesting and entertaining root systems, combining them with color, texture, and the elements of nature.

Root art in the garden or in the home: Garden design and in home design with unique root art decorations can impress and amaze.

Design ideas recycling dead tree roots look creative and surprising and connect to our inner spirit of communion with nature. Large pieces when placed indoors such as this piece can be even more striking and can create an even more powerful sense of connection to nature.

.Artworks and unusual tree roots personalize landscaping and interior home design bringing a lyrical mood, or stimulating a playful interconnected atmosphere with nature in the worlds most elite or beautiful homes.

Many works of the root art pieces crafted by artist Rene Sepulveda have been showcased in print media and used in marketing displays.

The most famous and largest root art collection is located in the UK and is owned by Prince Charles. Purchase this one of a kind piece today - "Ventricle' A Post Covid Root Art Sculpture dedicated to survival by former NCAA Coach, now Author and Artist Rene Sepulveda.