Endurance A Humming Bird Root Art Sculpture by Artist Rene Sepulveda
Endurance A Hummingbird Sculptured Abstract Art by Rene Sepulveda Root Art Collection
"Endurance" A root art collection sculpture by Artist Rene Sepulveda Humming Birds and Tree Root tap root combined to make a uniquely timeless sculptured work

Endurance A Hummingbird Sculptured Abstract Art by Rene Sepulveda Root Art Collection

Artist Rene Sepulveda
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The Root Art, Cholla Art and Tree Trunk Medium Artist Rene Sepulveda presents his one of a kind Humming Bird Tap Root and Recycled Metal Crafted Sculpture titled "Endurance"

"Endurance" is a sculptured art creation from Rene Sepulveda tapping into his Native American culture this sculpture pulls from the heritage of his Native American grandfather's appreciation for nature. This sculptured creations combines the artistic base of roots using an artform known as "root art" crafting and merging tree roots or tree root art with metallurgy to create an abstract artwork sculpture.

Using a tree root as a base or an canvas then the artist is paying homage to an ancient artform that appreciates the tap roots or tree root, incorporating it into art forms or root art. Prince Charles has the largest root art collection in the world as it is a timeless art practiced by few artists.

The tap root or tree root represents natures deep reach into the depths of the earth for nutrients feeding the soul and ambition of the artform.

Rene Sepulveda merges the root art form or base with more modern artforms of metallurgy using recycled metals and crafting into unique one of a kind sculptured art pieces. This piece titled Endurance is a nod to the importance and endurance of the Hummingbird to humanity and its symbolism to man.

The Hummingbird, to the Native tribes of Central America symbolically believed that hummingbirds are a symbol of good and happy spirit. These spirit animals protect you from negative vibes and teach endurance to combat all adversities. In one way, hummingbirds show the sweetness of life, amidst all complexities. Since these small birds can fly relentlessly for long distances, they signify endurance and resilience.

Purchasers of this fine art piece will be registered in our registry of original purchasers and a letter of explanation of the art piece and certification of authenticity is detailed. This helps verify you as a purchaser of a Rene Sepulveda original and further authenticates this as original artwork not mass produced but made by local New Mexico artist which increases the piece in value for fine arts collectors.

Purchase this one of a kind piece today and support the artistic creations of New Mexico artists such as Rene Sepulveda.